Founded by Raya Reaves to teach and empower working women to reach financial success through better budgeting and money management processes, money mindset shifts, debt payoff strategies, and true spending accountability. City Girl Savings strives to help women tap into their financial power, one budget at a time!

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Our Mission

City Girl Savings was founded by Raya Reaves with the primary goal of teaching working women to reach financial success through proper budgeting and money management techniques. City Girl Savings strives to be that resource for women who are making money but haven't mastered managing it to come and learn how to budget, make intentional money moves, network with like-minded people, and get inspired to live a life of security, happiness and positivity! Because Raya has been through what these women have been through, she can teach them the budgeting and money management techniques that have helped bring herself to the financial success she has today. Raya is the ultimate example of what women can accomplish with the right mindset and budgeting routine.

"The best part of the coaching program with Raya and City Girl Savings, has been the one-on-one support I received with absolutely no judgement or criticisms. Financial independence is different for everyone and sometimes it can be downright embarrassing to admit one's financial status - especially to someone totally new. However, the service and support I received from Raya made me feel comfortable and confident when it came to sharing my financial status and working on a plan to reach my financial goals."

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