City Girl Savings is an online blog and community designed to promote and encourage financial success among women, build networks, support member goals and businesses, inspire and motivate, provide great blog content, and push for healthy, fashionable, and financially independent women!

If you have already signed up or you are considering signing up, there are some common FAQs you might be wanting answers to. There are also some simple community guidelines to help make the most of the City Girl Savings environment!


Absolutely not. Any information received by users who sign up is strictly for City Girl Savings purposes. We do not sell, distribute or release your information to outside parties or companies. Please visit our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.
When you first register for the site, you will receive an email requiring you to activate your profile. Once you are fully activated, you will be emailed when you receive notifications on the site. You have the option to turn off email notifications to avoid excess emails.
It is extremely easy to update your profile, settings and notification preferences. Simply hover over your name in the top right hand corner of the page and select “Edit My Profile”. From here you will have the option to change your profile photo, update activity, choose your notification preferences, set your profile visibility, and much more.


When you first join the community, you will receive a visual walkthrough that shows you how to complete common updates.

When you become a member of the community, you have the ability to update your status, upload pictures and videos, add friends, join groups, leave comments on posts, take part in community challenges and discussions, message other members (privately and publicly), and mark your favorite statuses and posts.
Definitely! There are polls featured throughout the site that help the CGS Team determine what you want to learn more about. You are also free to send us a message through the About page.
You can get help and speak with a City Girl Savings team member through the About page, or by sending a private message to The CGS Team.
No! While City Girl Savings is designed to empower women to become financially successful, we accept everyone. There are quite a few men who push for women equality, so if they have the same goals as City Girl Savings, then we welcome all!
City Girl Savings creates a budget personalized specifically for you, for a low price. You will need to decide on a certain financial goal (save, spend better, eliminate debt, etc.) and a target date to complete that goal. When all applicable income and expense information is received, the CGS Team analyzes your goal and financial information to generate a budget that allows you to work towards you goal!
Your information is 100% secure. Our website was designed with an SSL certificate, which ensures that any data (payment information, financial income and expenses, etc.) entered by you is 100% secure and only visible to CGS management.
We would hate to see you leave, but if you no longer wanted to be a part of the City Girl Savings community and wanted to cancel your account, you will need to reach out to a CGS Team member via the About page. Simply advise that you would like to be removed from the community and well will deactivate and delete your account.
Yes! If you follow us on social media, we will follow you back! Shoot us a tweet or mention and we will follow or send the request as soon as possible.
A CGS Community Manager is someone who strives to get the CGS community active! This is through creating groups, starting discussions, leaving comments, adding friends and networking, and consistently promoting themselves within the CGS community. To become a CGS Community Manager, reach out to the CGS Team via the About page and we will respond to you personally with the next steps.
Yes! Yes! Yes! We are all about empowering women. If you have your own blog or business, we would love to hear about it and encourage you to promote it on the site. We even have a group called Bloggers & Business Women where members can promote their blog or business, and find specific products.


Have fun – You joined to be a part of a community and learn more about finance, fashion and beauty, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the site offers.

Add friends – We are all members because we are supporting the same cause. Add friends, send messages, and network. You never know who you can meet!

Be Responsive – The CGS Team does our best to strike conversations and promote discussions. If someone reaches out to you, try not to ignore them. Build your voice in the community.

Participate – There are numerous forums for you to participate. Respond to polls, take part in community and group discussions, leave comments on the blog posts, and update your status!

No Negativity – City Girl Savings is a motivating and encouraging environment for women to come support financial growth. Leave negative messages outside of the community.

Short and sweet! Following the guidelines will help the City Girl Savings blog and community thrive! If there are any questions not on this page that you need answered, please feel free to send a private message to the CGS Team or through the contact form on the About page.

-The CGS Team