City Girl Savings is an active, online community that promotes a fashionable, financially independent lifestyle with knowledge building resources and financial services to women through engaging, educational blog articles and personalized budgeting portfolios.

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The primary goal of City Girl Savings is to empower women to get knowledgeable about finances, while maintaining the things she loves! Join and get access to groups, discussions, hundreds of articles, and useful resources for all things Finance, Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle! Network with community members, promote your own blog or business, and start your budget today!

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Let City Girl Savings help you reach financial independence! We offer personalized budget plans, financial coaching, and accountability partnering.

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Personalized budgets give clients the direction needed to achieve their financial goals. The finance, fashion and beauty blogs help members reach financial independence while maintaining a healthy and fashionable lifestlye!

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Not sure if you want to join the CGS community yet? Take a look at some of the free content available to everyone! Finance 101 posts give you a sample of some of the awesome finance content found on City Girl Savings. Raid Raya's Closet is a fashion column exclusive to City Girl Savings! You can also access a few popular posts that we have made available to everyone below.

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